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When it comes to floor coverings, nothing feels better on bare feet than walking on thick, lush carpet. Floor covering is the foundation to any room decor. Carpet adds comfort and style to any room. It enhances any room with casual simplicity. Carpet is very versatile and makes any room a place to sit, play and relax. Tropic Floors offers a large variety of choices when it comes to choosing the carpet for your home. Serving Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Tropic Floors can help you create a room of charm and elegance or a room that’s made for moments of relaxation.

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Advantages of Wall to Wall Carpeting


  • Comfort – Soft plush carpeting is easy on your feet and also softens the impact on your steps while moving around your home.  Carpeting is flexible and cushioning making it a great choice for those who enjoy sitting or lying on the ground or for those with small children.
  • Safety– Carpeting provides you with a more textured surface making it less likely for you to slip and fall. It can also cushion your fall if accidents should occur.
  • Warmth & Insulation – Carpeting provides a great source of insulation for your home or business. It can hold the warmth of your home which is a great advantage during cooler weather.
  • Reduces Noise Levels – Installing wall to wall carpeting offers the benefits of reducing the noise level in your home. Carpeting which has good padding beneath it can absorb sound resulting in noise reduction.
  • Durability – If your carpeting is well maintained and properly cleaned it can maintain its beauty for many years.
  • Easy to Maintain – With today’s technology, many choices of carpeting are stain resistant or resilient making it easier to maintain.
  • Versatility – Carpeting is available in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns making it easier to find the perfect option to fit your homes décor.

Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the most popular type of carpet in residential homes?

Cable carpet, also known as twist carpet, is the most popular indoor carpet style. This type of carpet uses two-toned yarn and its tightly twisted construction helps resist absorbing dirt. Cable carpet is soft to the touch and subdued in appearance.  It is commonly used for family rooms and bedrooms.

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